Our mission is to offer the most unique, natural, and best gourmet products from Chile, with all our ethnic ancient traditions and exquisite flavors.

Our Company
Gourmet Mission S.A., an innovative company located in Santiago, Chile, is pioneer in production and commercialization of premium vinegars, Merken the Chilean native spice, native honeys, extra virgin oils, Chilean native nuts, sea salt, and other gourmet products of the highest quality. 

Our Mission 
It is our mission to create healthy products of peerless quality, elaborated by hand from the finest Chilean raw materials under a rigorous quality control. Using traditional ingredients and flavors that reflect their origins, we aim to contribute to the development of Chilean gastronomic culture and to expand the creativity of world cuisine. 
We farm organically and environmentally committed for sustainable agriculture. We produce the highest quality, least processed, most flavorful and naturally preserved products in each of our lines. Our packing facilities located in Santiago also fulfill the highest standards with HACCP certification. 

We are profoundly committed with the local sustainable development of different small farmers communities, from north to south in Chile. We believe this will be an amazing quest for all of us, growing together by developing value added products for gourmet markets. In that way we will be able to change the traditional reality of our country of only exporting raw material. We feel happy and proud because we are constructing that change. 

Our Brand 
Two of the leading Chilean gourmet brands have merged to form this new brand:Origen®Chileangourmet

Brief Historic Review 
Gourmet Mission SA is born in June 2009 from the merge of the two most important companies in Chile producing native gourmet products that are 100% natural: Chileangourmet and Origen. 

Chileangourmet was established in 2005 by Paulina Penaloza as escargot breeder and beekeeper for the high end gourmet markets. Our mission was stated in order to dedicate the best of our professional capacities for the development of a group of local artisan farmers uniquely dedicated to the production of pure honey at the Araucania Region. Since then, we have developed an important gourmet project with the support of Catholic University for producing in certified conditions our native spice: Merken. It is used by Mapuches in almost every plate of their diet, so we have learned from them about its versatility . We studied since the year 2004 these traditions, and discovered more than 100 different versions on Merken (every family had their own recipe). That is why Merken was not exported before and forced our decision to start producing Certified Merken, under the supervision of Universidad Catolica de Temuco.

Origen was established in 2002 and is pioneer of premium vinegar production in Chile. It was founded after a long period of research and experimentation by an established enologist and an agriculture engineer, Verónica Larrain and María Inés Irarrázaval, out of frustration at the lack of quality natural vinegars in a country with such exceptional wines. We use traditional vinegar elaboration, using high-quality wines that are processed slowly and aged in French oak barrels to conserve the finest aromas and flavors of our land and its wines. All our vinegars are 100% natural, with no added flavorings, stabilizers or artificial colorants.